Exclusive service solutions is a business designed for convenience. This business was started because I saw a flaw in the market of maintenance and that flaw was at a inconvenience for the property owner/manager.

Exclusive service solutions designs a maintenance package custom to your property needs we cover all aspects of maintenance from removing huge 30m trees to washing windows and this can be done all on the same day with convenience.

We can create a scheduled ongoing maintenance programme for you.

Tree removal has its dangers. For example, someone who’s unaware of how to remove a tree can send one crashing down in the wrong direction, something that can be particularly dangerous when the tree being worked on is near your home.

Fortunately Exclusive service solutions has assembled an expert team that can safely remove trees, including trees that are growing next to buildings or in hard-to-reach locations. With teamwork and skill, we’ll quickly do the job without causing any damage — and we’ll thoroughly clean up afterward!

The main focus on our maintenance programme is safety for you and the people that will be on the property.There for our services are but not limited to.



We have structured our-selves around the needs and ease of clients and what is easiest for them our business focus is to make your life easier we have implemented procedures to make this happen such as,

  • You will only deal with 1 person this is so we can build a good customer relationship with you and get a better understanding of what you want and need.
  • We don’t have numerous call centres we have 1 phone number that will connect you straight to your designated helping hand this will always be the same person.
  • Only speaking to 1 person means the job will be done correctly on time and within the time frame you specify.
  • All meetings regarding works to be carried out will be done in person at a time suitable for you, this is a direct approach we pride ourselves on.




Here in Australia, we are lucky to have many big and beautiful native trees some of which could have been located a little bit better.
Some problems with these Native trees include,

  • Limb failure
  • Excessive leaf fall
  • Risk of breaking in a storm
  • Require general pruning

We provide an Arboriculture Service that provides specialized forms of all tree care and maintenance our staff are professional, respectful and qualified to undertake all types of tree work. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with great services within agreed timeframes and we do this at a reasonable cost without compromising on the quality of our services or the safety of the public.

We only use the most up to date tree surgery techniques and equipment to ensure that your trees are cared for and maintained with minimal disruption. We take pride in making sure that our team are always up to date on industry knowledge and experience, and our team of qualified tree surgeons are always on hand to provide educated advice and guidance when you need it.


Address: Chuwar, Queensland

Email: exclusivesolutions1@hotmail.com

Phone: 0416 466 619